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The Magoffin Reels

The Magoffin Reels

Putting the Low Road into Perspective: Industry, Labour, and What the Early 20th Century Colonial Reconstruction of the North Vancouver Waterfront Looked Like

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RE: A Business Case for t…

RE: A Business Case for the Low Level Road / Port Metro Vancouver Expansion Project

Dear Councillors,

The purpose of the North Van Urban Forum (NVUF) is to urge and facilitate transparency and public participation in all aspects of the development of the public realm in our community. This letter is a direct result of that purpose.
Members of the North Van Urban Forum have been participating in public consultation sessions on the Low Level Road / Port Metro Vancouver Expansion Project. NVUF is encouraged by the level of engagement and participation of our citizens, and throughout these sessions it has become apparent, that citizens require greater clarity on the overall long term financial aspects of this project.
As a result of the project the City will receive tangible benefits including the earlier completion of the Spirit Trail, resolution of some slope stability issues, and a safer road. To gain these benefits the City is surrendering property where the current road sits. Citizens need clarity on what will be ceded and what will be gained. A formal business case is required.
This business case should include exploration of alternatives. Potential alternatives include whether or not the land to be exchanged could be leased long term. This would ensure the development value of this land in the distant future is not lost to citizens. The cost to the City addressing slope stability and safety issues without involvement from Port Metro Vancouver must also be quantified as the basis for this case.
In addition to alternatives, the business case needs to assess the lifetime costs to municipal taxpayers. This would include a study and detailed analysis for ongoing reference of the future maintenance costs of all new infrastructure including, but not limited to, retaining walls and raised roadways. Such an analysis must also include, the current and potential future value of the land being ceded.
The North Van Urban Forum, as a group representing citizens of the City of North Vancouver, requests that Council deploy staff to prepare and publically release a business case that will evaluate this transaction enabling staff and Council to better protect the interests of citizens in negotiations with Port Metro Vancouver and other stakeholders.


North Van Urban Forum

On June 11, 2012 North Vancouver City Council will decide whether to proceed with the Low Level Road Project. Please join North Vancouver Urban Forum in bringing greater transparency and further discussion to the project with two events in May:

– A delegation at City Hall on May 7th, 2012 at 6PM to present Council with a letter requesting a business approach to the City’s acceptance of the project

РThe screening of the Magoffin Reels on May 9, 2012 at 7PM at the Café for Contemporary Art at 140 Esplanade East, North Vancouver

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