Addressing both high housing costs and transit funding with one tax

Very progressive – what do you think?

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Jeff Nagel just added this to the comments section under “The Beautiful Empty Homes of Vancouver.”

We (the Black Press newspaper group) in 2011 proposed a homeowner grant for TransLink much like the municipal version. It would allow more property tax to be raised for TransLink, which clearly needs more revenue, without the rate increase affecting the taxes on the typical owner-occupied home.

Those who would pay more would include ineligible foreign owned and non-owner occupied investment homes, neither of which qualify for muni homeowner grants either. An increase in their costs might arguably also provide some limited benefit on the housing affordability/efficiency issue. Our idea never got any traction but you can still read that editorial here.

Just to avoid wrist strain, and to make sure the proposal gets a higher profile, I reproduce it here:


A radical tax proposal

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Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods (CVN) issues planning principles, challenges all candidates to support neighbourhood-based planning

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

(As a public service CityHallWatch carries this press release just issued today by the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods (CVN), Twitter @coalitionvan, web

CVN logoJune 12, 2014  The Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods challenges all candidates to support Neighbourhood-Based planning

 Angered for years by Vancouvers divisive community engagement practices, communities from across the city have united as the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods to demand more from elected officials. The Coalition today published its Principles and Goals for Collaborative Neighbourhood-Based Planning in the City of Vancouver.

 The Coalition will be calling on all candidates in the citys upcoming November election to declare publicly their support of these shared principles. The Coalition, which maintains no party affiliation, will then actively publicize which candidates and parties support the Principles and Goals and which candidates and parties reject a collaborative relationship with neighbourhoods.

 The Principles and Goals document…

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“The most expensive housing market in North America is not where you’d think”

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It’s not New York City or Orange County, California, but Vancouver, British Columbia.


James Suroweicki in The New Yorker explains how “Real Estate Goes Global”  Using us.


Steinberg-cover-580We’re all familiar with the stories of Russian oligarchs buying up mansions in London, but this is a much broader phenomenon. A torrent of capital from wealthy people in emerging markets—from China, above all, but also from Latin America, Russia, and the Middle East—has flowed into the real-estate markets of big cities in other countries, driving up prices and causing a luxury-construction boom.

A recent report by Sotheby’s International Realty Canada examined more than twelve hundred luxury-home sales in Vancouver in the first half of 2013 and found that foreign buyers accounted for nearly half of sales. In Miami, a huge influx of money from Latin America has enabled the city’s housing market to recover from the bursting of the…

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Epic battles for democracy on two fronts yesterday: BC Legislature and Vancouver City Council. Who won? Who lost?

CityHallWatch: Tools to engage in Vancouver city decisions

BC Legislature building An epic battle was fought on two fronts yesterday for the very foundations of our society and civic democratic systems.  The critical issue is who pays for civic election campaign, and how much they can pay . While the world was distracted with other things, these twin dramas unfolded in B.C. Legislature and Vancouver City Council . Citizens who care, please contact your MLA  and Vancouver City Council to tell them what you think of all this. Debate continues today in Legislature at 10 am .

Proposing an amendment to the draft Local Elections Campaign Financing Act (Bill 20), MLA Vicki Huntington almost changed B.C. history. Her proposal to delete just two words (“an organization”) from the text would have effectively banned corporate and union donations in municipal elections. Her justification:

huntington-Vicki, webThere comes a time, and perhaps the time is now, when we have to stand up and say: “Look, the people are extremely…

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Presentation of Draft Central Waterfront Area Vision: Tuesday Feb 18th, 6pm.

The North Van Urban Forum

Update from CNV:


Tuesday, February 18 at 6pm
City Hall Council Chamber

ImageLast fall, the City launched a process to develop a vision for the Central Waterfront area.

Following a public consultation process led by destination expert Roger Brooks, a draft vision for the central waterfront has been created and will be presented for Council’s consideration.

See the City’s website for further information here:

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Presentation of Draft Central Waterfront Area Vision: Tuesday Feb 18th, 6pm.

Presentation of Draft Central Waterfront Area Vision: Tuesday Feb 18th, 6pm..

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Lions Gate Secondary Wastewater

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